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Teaching Assistant of the Centre for Environment & Energy Research
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Teaching Assistant – Ghent University Global Campus, Korea
Ghent University Global Campus
Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) is an integrated campus of Ghent University, Belgium, and the first European university to be part of the Incheon Global Campus (IGC) in Incheon, South Korea. Ghent University Global Campus currently offers Bachelor of Science programs in Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, and Food Technology. Ghent University is one of the top 100 universities in the world (ARWU 66th), and in the Life Sciences subjects taught at GUGC, Ghent University ranks even higher.
Please visit the Ghent University Global Campus homepages to learn more about our organization: http://www.ugent.be/globalcampus/en.
Job Summary
Full-Time Teaching Assistant – Ghent University Global Campus
Department: Centre for Environmental and Energy Research (CEER)
Degree: Master of Science degree with strong focus on chemistry and engineering
Contract: 1-year fixed contract term (Renewable)
Occupancy rate: 100%
Vacancy Type: Teaching Assistant
Last application date: June 5, 2021 (Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately as the position will be filled upon finding the right candidate)
Starting date: August 1, 2021 (negotiable)
Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Dr. ir. Philippe M. Heynderickx
Job Position
Ghent University Global Campus, South Korea, has a vacancy for a Teaching Assistant in the Centre for Environment and Energy Research (CEER) at Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC), starting from August 1, 2021 (open to negotiation). It concerns a 1-year full time position with a renewable contract after positive evaluation.
The applicant is expected to support practical parts of the courses ‘Organic Chemistry’, ‘Environmental Chemistry’, ‘Process Engineering’ and ‘Modelling for Environmental Processes’ at the GUGC campus in Incheon, Korea and this includes developing course material, guided exercises etc.
In courses such as ‘Organic Chemistry’ and ‘Environmental Chemistry’, the candidate is expected to develop relevant lab-sessions to implement these in the courses.
Job Qualification (Profile of the Candidate)
  • Msc holder (plus professional experiences in relevant research fields) in science (or closely related field) – obtained the latest June 2018;
  • At least 3 years working experience (not required if Master is obtained in South Korea);
  • Excellent English proficiency;
  • Having practical laboratory experience with performing catalytic processes and/or have publications in catalysis and characterization of catalysts is an advantage;
  • You are strong in mathematical (kinetic) data interpretation and analysis;
  • You have good knowledge and skills regarding mathematics and modeling, and you feel comfortable with programming.
    Job Description
  • Assist in teaching undergraduate courses at GUGC, such as ‘Organic Chemistry’, ‘Environmental Chemistry’, ‘Process Engineering’ and ‘Modelling for Environmental Processes’;
  • Research is to be taken up in the field of heterogeneous catalysis (e.g. synthesis and application of methacrylate resins as stable catalysts for organic reactions, such as aldol condensation...). Experimental work in the laboratory (other than mentioned reactions are possible) will go hand in hand with the kinetic modelling of the data. Close connection with Ghent University homecampus is organized via the co-promoter, Prof. Joris Thybaut (https://www.lct.ugent.be/people/joris-w-thybaut);
    • The scientific research includes both experimental laboratory work and the mathematical analysis of the acquired data;
    • You publish your research results in peer-reviewed international journals and actively participates in (inter)national conferences;
  • Assist his/her supervisors with tasks in ongoing and future R&D projects;
  • Willingness to accepting various tasks and to take initiative with regards to building out education at GUGC; and
  • Pro-active working attitude with maturity to deal with difficult situations and a strong sense of responsibility.
  • The ability to work independently and to maintain excellent team spirit is expected as well as strong working ethics.
  • Willingness to work flexible working hours from time to time and participate in meetings outside of normal working hours is desirable.
    Selection Criteria
  • Scientific background and knowledge
  • Educational experiences
Application Documents
  • Motivation letter
  • Full resume (CV), including at least 2 references
  • Copy of the Msc. degrees
  • Transcripts (overview of study results)
  • A PDF version of the Msc. Thesis
The documents must be merged into a single PDF file and sent to gugc_hr@ghent.ac.kr and Philippe.Heynderickx@ghent.ac.kr (subject line: Full-time Teaching Assistant position @ CEER). The candidate will receive an e-mail after positive CV Screening (see Selection Process) as notification to go to the next round (Interview).
Application Process and Interview
  • Interviews will take place in stages from the first available time.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately as the position will be filled upon finding the right candidate.
We reserve the right to hold applications on file for potential future job openings. For submission of your file and any inquiries, please contact us via e-mail: gugc_hr@ghent.ac.kr and Philippe.Heynderickx@ghent.ac.kr.
Selection Process
  • CV Screening -> Interview -> Internal committee -> Approval -> Acceptance Notice to the candidate selected.

Compensation & Benefits for the candidate selected
  • Basic Term of the Contract
    -1 year-contract term (Renewable)
  • Housing unit or Housing Allowance
    -A single unit of Dormitory operated by Incheon Global Campus (IGC) is provided for non-Koreans.
    -If the selected candidate is a permanent resident holder or has a Korean nationality, the housing unit shall not be provided by IGC, but the Housing Allowance of 725,000 KRW monthly.
  • Two round-tickets to Hometown (For non-Koreans only)
    -The selected candidate with foreign nationality, shall have two round-tickets to Home town per year (up to 4,000,000 KRW)
  • Private Health Insurances
    -Marsh private health insurance provided, including basic medical reimbursements
  • Extensive annual paid leave and holidays
    -The selected candidate shall have 35 days paid annual leave per year.
    - Additional holiday from Christmas (Dec 25) to New Year (Jan 1).