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[Job Vacancy] Doctoral Assistant (Postdoctoral Researcher) – Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Analysis
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Doctoral Assistant (Postdoctoral Researcher) – Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Analysis – Ghent University Global Campus, Korea
Ghent University Global Campus
Ghent University is a pluralistic university open to all, regardless of ideological, political, cultural, or social background. Our credo is "Dare to Think." As a top-100 university with more than 49,000 students and 15,000 staff members, we are one of the largest universities in the Dutch language area, located in Flanders, Belgium. Our 11 faculties offer more than 200 courses and conduct in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains. Several of our research groups, centers, and institutes are renowned worldwide in disciplines such as biotechnology, aquaculture, microelectronics, and history. Over the past 200 years, our university has seen many eminent scientists, ministers, and even Nobel Prize winners among its staff and alumni.

Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) is an extended campus of Ghent University in Songdo, South Korea, offering Bachelor of Science programs in Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, and Food Technology. The main research areas at GUGC are plant biotechnology, biomedical technology, biotech data science, food technology, and environmental technology.
Please visit the homepage of Ghent University (http://www.ugent.be/en) and Ghent University Global Campus (http://ghent.ac.kr/ | http://www.ugent.be/globalcampus/en) to learn more about our organizations.
Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science (KR01)
At GUGC, the mission of the Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science is to pursue the development of new mathematical and computational approaches for complexity reduction of biosystems and for extracting knowledge from (vast) sets of biotech data. A core technology leveraged by researchers at the center is deep machine learning, targeting the development of innovative tools and concepts in both the area of molecular biology and the field of computer vision. Furthermore, the Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science, which has a headcount of four professors and ten PhD students, is responsible for organizing nine courses at GUGC (for 65 ECTS), ranging from Informatics to Bioinformatics and Probability & Statistics.
Job Summary
Full-Time Postdoctoral Scholar – Ghent University Global Campus
Department: Department of Environmental Technology, Food Technology and Molecular Biotechnology (KR01)
Degree: PhD degree in one of the following disciplines: computer science/engineering, bioinformatics, applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, or a related field
Contract: 1 year + 1 year extension (subject to positive evaluation of the previous 1 year term)
Occupancy rate: 100%
Vacancy type: Assistant Academic Personnel (AAP)
Last application date: 1 March 2024 (Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately as the position will be filled upon finding the right candidate)
Starting date: 1 May 2024 (negotiable)
Scientific supervisor: Prof. Dr. Joris Vankerschaver
Job Position
Ghent University Global Campus, South Korea, has a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Researcher in the area of biotech data science, starting from 1 May 2024 (open to negotiation). This is a 1-year full time position that is renewable for a further 1-year term, subject to a positive evaluation.
The candidate will work under the supervision of Prof. Joris Vankerschaver at the Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science of the Ghent University Global campus in Korea. In addition, the candidate will be able to spend time at the home campus in Ghent at the Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics, upon mutual agreement with the supervisor. For non-Korean applicants, free accommodation and a yearly travel budget are foreseen. Ghent University Global Campus is an equal opportunities employer.
Job Description
  1. You hold, or you are expected to hold, by May 2024, a PhD degree in one of the following disciplines: computer science/engineering, bioinformatics, applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, or electrical engineering. Related disciplines may be considered as well but need to be motivated.
  2. You are an established researcher in machine learning and biotechnology, as evidenced by a strong publication record. You are aware of recent developments in machine learning applied to biological data.
  3. You have an enquiring and self-motivating attitude to scientific research. You look forward to developing your own research lines at the intersection of machine learning and biotechnology, and you are able to contribute decisively to existing research projects.
  4. You have deep familiarity with a scientific computing language (preferably Python) and have demonstrable experience with machine learning frameworks such as PyTorch or scikit-learn.
  5. You are a team player and a team leader: you can mentor PhD students and Bachelor students effectively. You share your knowledge with the team and you contribute to the institutional culture.
Job Description
  • You assist the supervisor to (a) conduct research at the intersection of machine learning and biotechnology, (b) develop new research lines, and (c) contribute to research-related activities (presenting results at conferences, organizing academic conferences, applying for research funding, and so on). The research workload is expected to be around 70% of available time.
  • You assist the supervisor in the mentoring of Bachelor, and PhD students at Ghent University Global Campus. You assist in teaching occasional courses. The teaching workload is expected not to exceed 30%.
Selection Criteria
  1. Scientific background and knowledge
  2. Educational experience
  3. Scientific computing/machine learning skills
  4. Strength of the provided research plan
Application Documents
  1. Motivation letter
  2. Full resume (CV), including at least 2 references
  3. Copy of degree certificates
  4. Research plan (Describe the research that you plan to do at GUGC in 1-2 pages, focusing on a concrete research hypothesis that can be investigated in 1+1 years, and include a brief but focused outline of tasks, methodology, … to achieve the objective).
  5. Code portfolio (Describe your experience with scientific software development by highlighting 2-3 impactful software projects that you contributed to. Provide links to GitHub wherever possible, and clearly indicate (for collaborative work) which part is yours).
  6. A link to your PhD thesis.
The application documents must be merged into a single PDF file and be sent via email to Prof. Joris Vankerschaver (Joris.Vankerschaver@ghent.ac.kr) (subject line: Postdoctoral position in biotech data science). The candidate will receive an email confirming receipt of the application. Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.
Application Process and Interview
  1. Interviews (in-person or online) will take place in stages from the first available time.
  2. Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately as the position will be filled upon finding the right candidate.
We reserve the right to hold applications on file for potential future job openings.
For inquiries, please contact us via email at gugcacademichr@ugent.be.
Selection Process
  1. CV Screening -> Interview -> Internal committee -> Approval -> Acceptance notice to the candidate selected.
Compensation & Benefits for the Candidate Selected
  1. Basic terms of the contract
  2. year contract (renewable once, after positive evaluation, for a total period of maximum 2 years)
  1. Salary
-Starts from an Annual Base Salary of 46,624,160 KRW (Monthly Salary of 3,885,347 KRW Gross)
  1. Bonuses
-Two additional bonuses in June (92% of monthly salary) and December (100% of monthly salary)
  1. Housing Unit or Housing Allowance
-A single dormitory unit operated by Incheon Global Campus (IGC) will be provided for non-Koreans. If the selected candidate has the Korean nationality or if the selected candidate is a permanent resident in Korea, then a housing unit will not be provided. Instead, a monthly Housing Allowance of 725,000 KRW will be provided.
  1. Two Roundtrip Tickets to Hometown (for non-Koreans only)
-The selected candidate of non-Korean nationality will be provided, on a yearly basis, with two roundtrip tickets to their hometown (up to 4,000,000 KRW)
  1. Severance
-Severance shall be paid when the contract ends and if the candidate worked for more than one year
  1. Private Health Insurance
-Marsh private health insurance is provided, including basic medical reimbursements
  1. Extensive Annual Paid Leave and Holidays
-The selected candidate shall have 35 days of paid annual leave per year
-Additional holidays: from Christmas (Dec 25) to New Year (Jan 1)