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Message from the Rector of Ghent University

“겐트대학교는 벨기에 최고의 명문 대학입니다. 한국에서 유럽 대학으로서는 최초로 확장 캠퍼스를 오픈하도록 초대 받아서 영광입니다. 이 곳에서도 저 높은 미지의 지식에 과함하게 도전하는 “Aim higher“ 정신으로 교육과 연구를 수행하겠습니다.”
겐트대학교 총장 릭 반 드 발레

As Rector of Ghent University and President of the Board of Ghent University Global Campus, and on behalf of our entire university community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Welcome to Ghent University Global Campus ! Ghent University, as you may already know, is one of Belgium’s major universities, firmly rooted in Europe’s rich academic and cultural tradition. During our more than 200 years of fascinating history we employed many eminent scientists: think of Nobel Prize winners Corneille Heymans and Maurice Maeterlinck, chemist and Bakelite inventor Leo Baekeland, or, in more recent years, scientific pioneers such as HIV/AIDS researcher Peter Piot and biotechnologist Marc Van Montagu. As the internationally acknowledged quality of our education and research is a trademark of ours, it comes as no surprise that Ghent University is ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide. And although we are very proud of this achievement, we also feel challenged to continuously aim higher. “Aim higher” is also our motto here at Incheon Global Campus. We felt extremely honored when the Korean authorities invited Ghent University, as the first and only European university, to join some of the world’s most renowned universities at what is meant to be the best global education hub in Northeast Asia. We gladly accepted the invitation and since September 2014 we have been offering three bachelor degree programs in life sciences at our brand new, state-of-the-art Ghent University Global Campus – not coincidentally in fields we are considered to be a world leader in and which can contribute to finding solutions for some of the 21st century’s biggest challenges: Molecular Biotechnology, Food Technology and Environmental Technology. More than five years have already passed since the establishment of Ghent University Global Campus. We now count over 400 bachelor level students, and their number continues to rise. The official launch of the Korean chapter of our Alumni Association, in which we welcome our GUGC graduates, was yet another symbolic milestone: it expressed our determination to continue our efforts in settling and in expanding in Korea and in the eastern sub-region of Asia at large. For, indeed, our journey is far from accomplished. Here at GUGC, it is our ambition not only to contribute to the global education hub Incheon Global Campus is meant to be, but also to develop Ghent University Global Campus into a hotspot for original scientific research, a home base for talented researchers from all over the world and a focal point for interaction with industry and society. The establishment of five research centres and the launch of several research projects and doctoral programs perfectly fit within this vision. It is clear that we dare to aim high(er) here at Ghent University Global Campus. If this is also your ambition, you are most welcome to join us ! Rik Van de Walle Rector of Ghent University President of the Board of Ghent University Global Campus